5 Types Of Hybrid Momos That Have Ruined The Original Dish

After all, over-obsession is not a great idea!

Not many years ago, a genius brought the scrumptious momos to India. And soon everybody enthusiastically started consuming these little dollops of happiness. Quickly, it became the most loved street food. But then somebody got an idea to experiment with something which was originally perfect. We are talking about momos which we get in different types now. Here we have picked 5 of the weirdest momo fillings.

1. Mo Burger

It seems Wow! Momos loves to experiment and always comes up with new varieties of momos. But Mo Burger is something you will think twice before trying. It is deeply fried momos inside burger buns. Try it at your own risk!

Where: Wow Momos
Cost: Rs 60/70

2. Maggi Mania Veg Momo

People definitely love to experiment. After chowmein samosa, it’s time for Maggie Momos. Both Maggie and momos, ruined at the same time. No?

Where: Lets Dimsum
Cost: Rs 109

3. Tawa Gravy Momos With Rumali Roti

Best way to give any food a desi touch is by adding some Indian gravy. Right? So, this Delhi restaurant has come up with Tawa Gravy Momos with Rumali Roti. So, they serve you momo with gravy and Rumali Roti. Try to picture!

Where: Chalte Firte Momos
Cost: Rs 100

4. Chicken Pizza Momos

Have you ever thought of ruining your pizza by adding momos to it? Well, somebody has. This place in Janakpuri serves Chicken Pizza Momos. Imagine chicken momos with pizza sauce over pizza base!

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Where: Kingdom of Momos
Cost: Rs 70 to Rs 130

5. Kadhai Paneer Momos

This Delhi outlet has combined two amazing dishes together and we don’t know what to say. Okay, so is eating steamed momos with chicken or veggie filling with red-hot chutney same as eating it with kadhai Paneer? (Hint: NO).

Where: Momo Nation Cafe
Cost: Rs 150