5 Food Substitutes That Will Help You Lose Weight

Remember — red wine is healthier than white wine!

Whoever said dieting was easier than exercising in order to lose weight must have been dreaming. But focusing on simple changes in your intake may help. Just replace few daily ingredients with their healthy substitutes. These tiny replacements can certainly help you lose weight without compromising on taste.

1. Use whole-wheat flour instead of white flour
White flour or all-purpose flour is certainly unhealthy and is not a great option for digestion. However, whole-wheat flour is healthier. It helps to enhance the flavour of a dish.

white wheat flour

white wheat flour (Photo: Dreamstime)

2. Drink red wine instead of white wine
White wine helps to enhance the flavour of any dish, but try to pair dishes with red wine instead. Not only does it contains anti-ageing properties, but is also beneficial for skin and good for the heart.

White Wine

White Wine (Photo: Dreamstime)

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3. Sprinkle garlic powder instead of salt
Taking salt in excess is the root cause of various diseases. So, to maintain the taste and at the same time make your food super-tasty, use garlic powder. Garlic powder enhances the flavour of the dish, but make sure you don’t overuse it as it might ruin your palette.

Garlic Powder

Garlic Powder (Photo: Dreamstime)

4. Vanilla extract is a great replacement for sugar
Love sugar? Replace it with vanilla extract. It has a taste of its own and increases the flavour of a sweet dish. Vanilla extract has a better taste as well as fewer calories than sugar.

vanilla extract

vanilla extract (Photo: Dreamstime)

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5. Replace peanut butter with almond butter
Almond butter is as tasty as peanut butter. However, both differ a lot in their nutrition. Almond butter has healthy fats, minerals, vitamins and fibre as compared to peanut butter.

Almond Butter (Photo: Dreamstime)