5 Cooking Mistakes We Make That Can Lead To Health Issues

The method you choose to cook food affects your health in one way or the other

The best food in the world is homemade as it is loaded with all the major nutrients; ask anyone who lives away from home (*sobs*). But you will be shocked to know that sometimes homemade food can be dangerous too. And the reason is the method of cooking.

Here is a list of 5 common cooking mistakes that can lead to health issues:

1. Using oil
Cooking oils are a must in Indian kitchens but the concerned area is the quality and quantity of oil used. Though most oils lower bad cholesterol and are good for metabolism, when consumed in excess it can have side-effects.

2. Using wrong sauces
Sauces contain preservatives that stimulate body fat at a high rate. As per health experts, the best way to use sauces is by preparing them at home.

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3. Frying too much
Deep-frying is the worst method to cook food. Go for an alternative or just avoid eating such particular dish. When you deep-fry a dish, it kills nutrients in the food.

4. Overcooking veggies
Usually, people overcook vegetables, assuming that would make food tastier. But the process breaks down the nutrients and food becomes less healthy. Always toss the veggies gently.

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5. Microwaving the food
When we microwave the food or reheat it, it exposes food to dangerous chemicals. According to nutritionists, microwave cooking reduces the vitamin content of food to a small degree along with a nutrient loss for most foods as it cooks food at very high temperatures in a very short amount of time.