Want to quit smoking? These Yoga asanas can help you kick the butt

Ever smoke-puff takes a part of you. But you can get each of that part back, just by practicing these postures. Quit smoking now!

From cardiovascular disease to cancer, the devastating health effects of smoking are known worldwide. But still, quitting this stick of illness is not easy for people. Many try and fail, and the blame is usually given to will power. According to a study published in the Journal of Women’s Health, if you also want to quit smoking and get rid of this addiction, Yoga can help you kick the butt.

It does so by promoting your patience level. When you quit smoking, dealing with the nicotine craving is the biggest challenge. In this scenario, Yoga helps by calming your mind, combating emotional stress and controlling your mood swings.

Moreover, Practising Yoga asanas also help your lungs to recover from the damages done by smoking.

To help you beat the odds, here are five Yoga asanas.

Yogendra Pranayam 1: This asana strengthens the nervous system and respiratory system. To perform this, stand erect with your feet apart and relaxed. Inhale slowly and then exhale. For better results, perform ten reps of this act.

Yogendra Pranayama No. IV : This asana strengthens nervous system by modulating the sensitivity of chemo-receptors in your brain.

Alternate Nostril Breathing – Nadi Shodhana: This breathing workout balances your energy channels. While performing this asana, your head should be in one line with your spine. It further cleans the body of toxins and helps you to relax.

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Corpse Pose – Shavasana: This asana relaxes your body and brain. To perform this asana, you just need to lie flat on your back, keep your legs apart in a relaxed position and close your eyes. Just be in the moment and feel the peace.

Fish Pose – Ardha Matsyendrasana: This pose tones the nerves of the spine and its ligaments.It is also known to combat some deadly disease and awaken Kundalini. To perform this asana you just need a mat and the desire to be fit.