Stories of 5 Indian 'plus size' bloggers who prove beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

With glossy lips and high heels, these gorgeous Indian 'plus size' bloggers are ready to take on the haters!

With the industry being obsessed with slim and petite women, plus-size women have been left out of the fashion conversation for years. While most of the people are living in the stone age and buying the whole ‘being thin is the only way to be beautiful’ thingy, these gorgeous women are celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes!

These fashion bloggers are tired of hearing ‘Should you be wearing that?’ ‘Sorry, we don’t have that in your size.’ and other incredibly archaic statements and are ready to inspire the world. We asked them some questions about the plus life fashion scene and here is what these ladies had to say:

Dimple Mehta aka InForStyle

When it comes to fashion, what are the difficulties you’ve faced as a plus size woman?
I think the biggest difficulty I face is the availability of size options in brands. Most brands run up to an XL which if you measure according to the standard charts comes to an L. Hence, there is usually a lack of options as compared to smaller sized clothing.

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What do you think is the worst fashion misconception about plus-size women?
Wearing something that is form-fitting looks bad. It is, in fact, the opposite. Most plus size women have great curves and wearing a well-structured outfit would work wonders on their body.

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What is that one message you’d like to give out to young girls who follow you?
It is not about what size you are. It is all about your choice. If you want to be a particular size, it must be your choice. Not something you feel pressured into by anyone else. Love yourself and choose for yourself.

TheChubbyTwirler aka Tanvi

What are the difficulties you’ve faced as a plus size woman in India?
Being a plus-size woman in India and having good taste in clothes is perhaps the worst combination! Growing up, my only option was to get things stitched because I believed that fashionable clothes weren’t made for my body. Now, we have shorts, dresses etc for plus size women. Brands are finally understanding that we love fashion too! But our country still has a lot to cover. We need options in plus-size lingerie, swimwear and footwear but I’m happy that the change has begun!

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What are the stereotypes you’ve come across when it comes to plus size fashion?
There are many stereotypes and fashion misconceptions about plus size women – we like to cover up our body cause we’re ashamed of it, prints and stripes make us look bigger, we don’t like wearing bodycons etc!

Any message for the girls who look up to you?
Be confident about who you are! Embrace your positives and acknowledge your negatives, that way nobody can ever use them against you!

 Neha Parulkar

How do you think the plus size industry has evolved in recent times?
A few years ago there were no brands that catered to us, max size was XXL as if people beyond that size didn’t exist! That is the reason why we used to feel invisible. With the introduction of plus-size brands, we’ve gained confidence! Though the global plus size fashion scene is stellar, India still needs to work on it!

What are the major ‘plus size’ fashion misconceptions you’ve come across?
There are many misconceptions – Firstly, there is nothing a plus-sized person can’t pull off that a “regular” sized person can. I being a size 24 pulled off a swimsuit for a magazine! Plus-sized people are wearing shorts, off shoulders, cocktail dresses, swimsuits etc and looking good. Society should stop seeing us as the ungroomed, fashion-disastrous sidekicks!

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Any message for the young girls that follow you?
Break the stereotype! Own your body! Confidence does not come from trying to achieve the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you’ve already got. Be proud of yourself, because if you are it will never matter who else is.

Jacqualine Kiara Ledlie

What do you think of the current ‘plus size’ fashion scene?
I do not like the term ‘plus’ because that puts us in a different category. It’s just that we are bigger than the rest. We love our curves and are loved for the heart we have. Being able to rock an outfit is the true beauty.

What is the biggest problem plus size women face when it comes to fashion?
Plus-size women feel they can’t flaunt their beauty and that is the biggest drawback. If you have it, flaunt it! Just be true and confident!

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Any message for your fans?
The only message I would love to convey everyone is ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. Live life queen size and enjoy yourself. If you are big and large, celebrate it! Do not hide it!

Aashna Nagpal aka Curvaciousdiary

What are the fashion pitfalls plus-sized women face?
When it comes to fashion I have always been asked not to wear sleeveless tops or short dresses. You don’t get clothes of your size easily available in the market so you tend to compromise with what is available.

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What are some fashion stereotypes you’ve faced?
The most common stereotype is that a plus-size woman should wear loose tops to hide their fat and crop tops are not made for us. But to be honest, bodycons or peplums embrace your curves, so why hide them?

A message for all the plus-size women reading this?
All I can say is that the only person that can stop you from achieving your goals is yourself. Be proud of who you are and don’t change for anyone. Stay curvy! Stay stylish!

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