Om Prakash Mishra to The legend Nouman Khan: Social media celebs who give us fashion goals

Let social media biggies like Om Prakash Mishra and Dhinchak Pooja give you some fashion goals for your next party. Have a look

With the recent rise of Om Prakash Mishra aka Aunty ki Ghanty boy in the recent months, we can’t help but ignore that social media stars like Om, Dhinchak Pooja and others have one thing in common- impeccable fashion sense. We mean, who wouldn’t want to step out of their house looking like Om Prakash? If you want to get free sonts at the bar all night, check out our list of the major fashion influences and what you can learn from them:

Om Prakash Mishra

His stardom knows no boundaries. Ever since hundreds of people gathered in Delhi (and Bombay pretty soon) to shout ‘bolna aunty aau kya’, Om Prakash’s sonts have won the internet. Here’s what we’ve learnt about style for the guru himself: Wearing a chain that is heavier than your entire body weight helps you give sonts at the speed of 420 sonts/minute.

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Pair your oversized sunglasses and oversized chains with a sparkling oversized gold bracelet in order to impress aunty successfully.

When Om Prakash stepped onto the stage with his gorgeous red jacket and colorful kaccha, we know he is the hero Indian television needed. Take some style tips ffs:

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The legend Nouman Khan

If life gives you rain, wear something that goes completely transparent and pair it with a blue shorts. Take that, life.

Dhinchak Pooja

Whenever you step into the club, be brighter than a damn disco ball. And if you don’t have studded cap that looks like those pointy villains in Mario or a Porcupine, are you really a fashionista?

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Nasir Khan Jan

Nasir knows how to rock that Daler Mehdi meets Govinda look. Walk on his footsteps and you won’t have a dull day, ever.

Also, who needs GUESS when you’ve got GUESS?

Deepak Kalal

Yes, the ‘moh’ man who wants to lure you into going to Goa with him is Deepak Kalal. His dance to latt lag gayi still gives us major fashion goals. Wanna titillate bae? Wear a bright colored towel around your badan and hair (even if you don’t have any) and all your tapish will be gone.

Fashion for thought?

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