Not daily! Know how often do you really need to wash your bra?

We are all guilty of wondering whether we can get away with our used bra for one last time and here's all you need to know about it

Time to get real ladies! Let us not waste any time and directly address the issue here- How often do you wash your bra? Before you get sneaky and act like a responsible adult who likes her things clean and smelling like roses, let us make it clear we are not talking about your sports bra. What about the regular bra that we wear only when we absolutely have to and toss it away as soon as we are back home? And we are all guilty of thinking whether we can get away with the last clean bra for one last time. So the question is, how often is it really required to wash a bra?

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Good new for all you ladies who nodded their heads while reading the above lines. Bras do not need to be washed after every single day. It can be washed after every 3-4 wears or every 10 days unless you are really sweaty. Bras are a clothing item that is directly in contact with our body so it is important that we wash it after 3-4 wears at max because it starts accumulating dirt, bacteria, sweat, oil, etc. So back off from detergent clean freaks because over-washing your bra might do more harm than good. It damages the elasticity of the bra which is important for proper support. If you are feeling uncomfortable about not washing it after every single wear let us tell you that it helps your bra last longer.

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The number of washes also depends on your activity level. If you are out on a hot, humid day it is recommended that you wash it more often. However, if you are wearing it for a few hours that you wouldn’t even count, you can go longer without washing it.

Another tip to help your bras last longer is to avoid putting it in dryers. Dryers break the elastic fibres which damage the bra’s elasticity and shape. Dry them flat or hang dry. Also, try to wear your bras on rotation throughout the week so the elastic band can get a rest between wears.

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