8 incredible hacks to make bikini wax less painful

Bikini wax can be one of the most painful experiences of a girl's life. But you can make it a little less painful by popping a painkiller 30 mins prior your appointment. Check out more such interesting tips inside

We get it. The holiday season has officially begun and you have planned a perfect Goan holiday along the Anjuna beach with your boyfriend. You are super excited to get away from your hectic work schedule after a long time and you just can’t wait for you perfect vacay to begin. Tickets have been booked and you have shopped a perfect bikini to show off your perfectly toned body. But there’s just one problem — after months of ignoring, your vajayjay looks a little less than perfect!

Picture this, your down under looks like a dense forest of thick black hair that are of better quality than the hair on your head. In fact, they are so long that some how they have managed to sneak through the soft surface of your undies. Am I right? The obvious solution to this is going for a bikini/Brazilian wax, which is often the worst form of torture that gals can willingly inflict on themselves. Waxing your underarms is painful enough, and waxing your vagina— it’s brutal.

But fear not ladies, as we have listed a couple of tips and tricks for you that will make bikini wax a less painful experience for you:

1. Pop a pill
Painkiller medication is generally taken after once the pain hits you. But to make your bikini wax less painful pop a pill 30-40 mins prior your appointment. Bonus: it has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

2. Yoga time
People around the world have weird beauty rituals. While most of them might not have a scientific basis, they sure are effective. Practicing yoga before bikini wax is one such ritual that you should try.

3. Exfoliate
This one makes perfect sense. Exfoliation removes dead skin and helps wax deal with the roots directly. It also helps in removing the trapped hair.

4. Avoid period time
It’s no brainer that you should never ever get waxed before or during your periods. Your body is extra sensitive and your tolerance is at an all time now.

5. Avoid workout
Everyone likes to stay fit and skipping a day of workout is a strict no no. But your skin is more sensitive after waxing. So, unless you want hideous looking acne down under avoid workout for at least 6-8 hours.

6. Keep it cool
Wear light and loosely fitted clothes as tight fitted clothes and sweat can make your vajayjay a breeding ground for bacterias. Wear cotton clothes and keep it simple for a day or two.

7. Moisturize
One of the best things that you can do is to moisturize immediately after having a bikini waxing. It reduces potential discomfort and hydrates the skin.

8. Stop Shaving
Once you start waxing, stop shaving your down under as it will make your hair grow back thicker. It will also make waxing next time way more painful.

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