Meet Dru Presta: The 3-Feet 4-Inches Model Who Is Crushing Stereotypes

"Reno, Nevada is really small. So, it's very small in diversity. They weren't quite accepting to the fact of something that was different. Something abnormal."

What’s the first image that pops up in your mind when you think of how a model looks like? Maybe, that of a tall woman? 21-year-old model Dru Presta is challenging just that.

Born with achondroplasia — a form of dwarfism, Dru, who is 3-feet, 4-inches tall, was often bullied at school for her condition. But, people’s behaviour towards her did not make her feel either weak or vulnerable. She fiercely chased her dreams.

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Dru, who aspired to become a model, moved to Los Angeles to crush stereotypes in the world of fashion. She wanted to show the world that your height should have nothing to do with where you work. She wants anyone to be able to walk the runway.

Today, she is doing just that, of which her Insta account is a beautiful testimony.


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Born in Reva, Nevada, Dru is the only one in her entire family who has achondroplasia. This made it difficult for most people to understand what she was going through.


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Level Up

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“Reno, Nevada is really small. So, it’s very small in diversity. They weren’t quite accepting to the fact of something that was different. Something abnormal,” Metdaan reported.

Speaking to Bored Panda, she said,

“I want everybody in the fashion world just to be accepted. I want anybody to be able to walk that runway just like anybody else – whether you see them rolling down the runway in your wheelchair or on crutches.”

Her message is simple. She wants people to be accepted as they are.