Hey boys, we care for you! Here's your guide to select the most flattering jeans

Buying a perfect pair of jeans comes with a lot of experimentation, and once you get your pair, it becomes the unbreakable bond.

Who doesn’t love to wear a good pair of jeans? It is one of the most comfortable pieces of cloth. But finding the perfect pair for yourself is a tough task. It is one tedious and a time-taking job which sometimes can take an eternity. Buying a perfect pair of jeans comes with a lot of experimentation. However, once you get your perfect pair, it becomes the unbreakable bond. While I am writing the post, I suddenly realised I have a pair of rugged jeans (favourite one) now for almost 3 years. What I have noticed is generally men are always in search for blue jeans. no?

Well, going back. Denim dates back to 1871 i.e almost 2 centuries and there has been a lot of evolution. So, we have done all the work for you and come up with 6 different styles of jeans for men.

1. Straight: This form of jeans is one of the most commonly seen and worn. The straight fit denim doesn’t have to be explained. They type of jeans are both narrow from thigh space as downwards. It’s straight.

Looks best: Men with athletic body type can go for these

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2. Slim: As it says, these types of jeans are fit on a person’s lower body. These are neither too loose not tight. Slim jeans fit perfectly.

Looks best: Slim jeans will look perfect on men with thinner build

3. Skinny: It is more like a slim fit. Skinny adjust as per the shape of the person’s body. These types of jeans are extra snug at the thighs and the calves. These are narrows down to the hem. Skinny fit makes legs look longer and slimmer.

Looks best: Gotta short legs? Go for these

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4. Bootcut: Love wearing boots? Then buy a bootcut. This type of jeans was made especially for cowboys so that they could easily accommodate their boots in the jeans.

Looks best: men with muscular build will look good in these

5. Loose: These are baggy jeans. This type of jeans contains a lot of fabric on thighs, hips, and calves.

Looks best: You have a wide lower body? This one is for you

6. Relaxed: These are most comfortable ones. Larger thigh and calf area, they are relaxed jeans and the most basic one.

Looks best: Relaxed jeans are to go for men with wider legs

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