From long hair to Mohawk look: MS Dhoni’s ever changing hairstyles

Cricket fans were in a state of shock when Dhoni announced his decision to relinquish captaincy from ODI and T-20 format all of a sudden.

Last night was the terrible one for the fans of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Cricket fans were in a state of shock when Dhoni announced his decision to relinquish captaincy from ODI and T-20 format all of a sudden. While we can’t change his decision, but we can definitely take you down memory lane and revisit the captain cool’s hairstyles. In the career spanning 12 years, Dhoni has donned some really crazy hairstyles. From his long hair look to his edgy Mohawk, Mahi has sported over 8 different hairstyles.

 Dhoni in long Hair:

dhoni-long-hair-image-for-inuthIn 2005, a newcomer wicket-keeper was seen sporting long shoulder-length hair. Parted from the center, his straight locks became an instant trend. Fans went bonkers. But the turning point was when he bleached his hair. During his long hair look, even Pakistani President General Parvez Musharraf praised his cut and asked him not to cut his hair. He continued his hairstyle till the 2007 ICC World T20, which India won under his leadership.

Fades on sides look:


In 2008, Dhoni found a new look. It was all fades on sides look. Remember, during that time every other guy was seen in the similar look?

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Buzz Cut:


In 2010, he broke all hearts and went for the buzz cut. This was his look which broke the heart of many. Buzz Cut is a very short haircut. In this cut, the hair is clipped close to the head with a razor.

Captain cool in bald look:


After leading India to its second World Cup title in 2011, Dhoni went all bald. Just after winning, as part of a ritual, he decided to cut his hair. Once again his bald look became a talking point.

The sharp spikes look:

dhoni-spikes-look-for-inuthIn 2012, on his long tour of England, Dhoni went the trendy way and opted for sharp spikes. Captain Cool looked cool once again and his look was widely appreciated and became the trend.

The Mohawk look:

dhoni-mohawk-look-for-inuthIn 2013, he marked his quirkiest avatar. Dhoni sported a lush Mohawk. On the sides, his hair was completely shaved and the balanced lush growth in the middle was too perfect. This was one of his looks widely covered by the media.

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The crew cut:

dhoni-crew-cut-image-for-inuthDuring his 2014 tour of South Africa, he changed his look once again. He opted for a simple crew cut. The gentlemanly appeal with a hint of grey hair made him look exceptional.

Desi style:dhoni-2016-look-for-inuth

In 2016, maverick wicket-keeper batsman decided to get the desi look. He even posted a video in which he had a modest haircut at his home.

MS Dhoni is one hell of a fashionable man. Check out his Instagram pictures here:

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