From bags, shades to boots: 6 must-haves for a classic and timeless wardrobe

This year, let's resolve to follow the trendy and we are sure you can easily stick to that! Every college goer must have something for all occasions.

Every college goer needs some timeless and basic pieces for their classic wardrobe. And with New Year, we have all resolved to get in a better shape, sleep early, and what not (which we’ll not follow, of course!). But this year, let’s resolve to follow the trendy and we are sure you can easily stick to that! Every college goer must have something for all occasions. Here are the six things you must have in your closet:

The Timepiece

Watches have lost their presence in the world of cellphones. But trust me, nothing is more elegant than wearing that timepiece on your wrist than checking your mobile phones every hour. A handsome chronograph is a versatile piece to wear in college. The modern touch with a brown leather strap is perfect to straddle between your daily college sessions and evening hangouts.


Timepiece (Photo: Dreamstime)

Everyday Tote Bag

In the modern world, a bag which can we carry anywhere is a must. Apart from being a sign of elegance, these bags add to your look and complement your attire. The recent trend calls for a bag which will give your look an oomph factor and will also work as a briefcase. The tote bag will carry your gym clothes, copies, bags and will definitely not be as boring as a duffle bag. The choice is yours, anyway!

Tote bag

Tote Bag (Photo: Pexels)

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The Perfect Shades

Whether it’s summers or winters, shades are the perfect UV protector which will add style to your look. Out of innumerable frames available, aviators are the best to buy and suits almost everyone. Aviators can be paired with formal as well as casuals. From Akshay’s Rustom look to Salman’s Dabang look, aviators have always ruled Bollywood.

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses (Photo: Pexels)

The Every-time White Shirt

“White is the new Black” is one of the most popular clichés of all. But the white oxford shirt is a must wardrobe essential. Be it college, farewell or placement day, a white shirt will never let you down. They are effortlessly stylish and a go-to look for every occasion. Pairing it with denim is all you need to complete your look.

White Shirt

White shirt (Photo: Facebook)

The Web Belt

A high-quality black and brown leather belt is a forever classic. Since 2017 is the era of web belts, these are popular in the market. The runway style is now out on the streets as well, so grab them as soon as possible. Also, a high school look with this belt has all the power to make you feel young again!

Web Belt(Photo:Instagram)

Web Belt (Photo: Instagram)

The Chelsea Boots

A man is always judged by his shoes and this alone should be reason enough for you to gear up with the most stylish footwear out there! Chelsea boots are an all purpose footwear and are best for the stylish guys. The thick soles of these shoes can handle anything from snowing to horse riding. Built for weird weather conditions, these boots can be worn in office as well. Emerging back from the 60s, Chelsea shoes are rocker staple.

Chelsea Boots(Photo:Instagram)

Chelsea Boots (Photo: Instagram)