First Lady Michelle Obama knows how to rock this Versace gown

Michelle wore a stunned the crowd at the final state dinner

First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama looked absolutely stunning as she donned a dazzling rose-gold coloured, custom-made gown by Atelier Versace at her final state dinner. With her final days as First Lady drawing to a close, Obama doesn’t fail to remind us that she really is one of a kind. The moment when she stepped out the White House, it was all eyes on Michelle.

Joining the Obama’s at the state dinner were Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi who had brought his wife, Agnese Landini, along with him. President Barack Obama said earlier in the day, “Today is bittersweet for Michelle and I because this marks the final official visit and state dinner of my presidency. But it’s OK. We saved the best for last.” That would be your cue to bawl like a baby.

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(Courtesy: Reuters)

We’re certainly going to miss her when she’s gone. While you grab some tissues, let’s recap Michelle’s best outfits that she totally rocked: