Do you have a shoe fetish? These 7 vintage pieces will cost you not less than a million!

Undoubtedly, these vintage shoes look too pretty to be real and their price will surely burn your pocket. Have a look at these beauties

Marilyn Monroe once said– ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world‘. Just like the outfit, shoes speak a lot about the personality of a person who is wearing them. And it’s no secret that girls love their stilettos. Give us a pair of Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choos and we will be your friends forever (like BFFs). In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that just like the hi-end designer ‘clothes obsession’ some people also have a fetish for designer shoes which can even cost them a fortune.

Here’s a list of seven costliest women shoes in the world that are not only too beautiful and elegant to wear but costs in no less than millions:

1) Rita Hayworth Heels

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Rita Hayworth Heels (Photo: Facebook)

If you are wondering why these stilettoes have made to the top of this list then the reason is pretty simple. These Stuart Weitzman shoes are encrusted with many precious stones including diamonds, rubies, and sapphires and have been created from rust-coloured satin.
Price: Rs 19,48,65,000 ($3 million)

2) Ruby Slippers from the House of Harry Winston

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Ruby Slippers from the House of Harry Winston (Photo: Facebook)

The name says it all. This pair was created by Ronald Winston using 4,600 rubies and diamonds worth 50 carats. It was a tribute to The Wizard of Oz and was released on the movie’s 50th anniversary.
Price: Rs 19,48,65,000 ($3 million)

3) Tanzanite Heels

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Tanzanite Heels (Photo: Facebook)

This gorgeous pair of heels has been created by Stuart Weitzman and Eddie Le Vian. It is made of 16 carats of Tanzanite stones and it has 28 carats of diamonds on its strap.
Price: Rs 13,00,30,000 ($2 million)

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4) Cinderella Slippers

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Cinderella Slippers (Photo: Facebook)

This beautiful pair of slippers has been created by designer Stuart Weitzman. It has been made using 565 Kwait diamonds set into a platinum strap, which costs up to $1 million.
Price: Rs 13,00,30,000 ($2 million)

5) Ruby Slippers

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Stuart Weitzman Ruby Slippers (Photo: Facebook)

This beautiful pair of slippers has been created by designer Stuart Weitzman. It is made from 642 oval and round Burmese rubies weighing over 123 carats.
Price:  Rs 10,39,64,000 ($1.6 million)

6) Platinum Guild Stilettos

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Platinum Guild Stilettos (Photo: Facebook)

Stuart Weitzman loves luxury shoes and his designs are no short of a marvel. These platinum fabric straps have a total of 464 Kwait diamonds encrusted in the straps.
Price: Rs 7,08,66,350 ($1.09 million)

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7) Retro Rose Pumps

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Retro Rose Pumps (Photo: Facebook)

Another creation by Stuart Weitzman, these pumps are a work of art. They have been created using 1,800 Kwait diamonds in the form of an elegant rose.
Price: Rs 6,49,55,000 ($1 million)

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