Rs 13 crore to Rs 7 lakh, the world's most expensive teddy bears are here to haunt you!

Teddy bears are some of the most common gifts loved by all. But do you know buying the vintage ones can burn a hole in your pocket

Picture this. Your high school sweetheart has finally agreed to go on a date with you and you want to make the evening a memorable one. You arrive at her doorstep (or maybe meet her near her PG or hostel) with a bouquet of roses, some chocolates, and a giant teddy bear. And she is thrilled to see the crimson-coloured bear that you got for her (simple, cliched, yet totally romantic!). She’s impressed and you got your girl!

Now, let’s focus on the giant watery-eyed teddy bear that made it all possible. For those of you who still have any doubts, teddy bears are the most common (and undoubtedly the most adorable) gift items available out there. They are cute and irresistible (to kids and adults alike). The best thing about them is that they are cost-effective.  And you can get a sweet teddy bear in a price range of Rs 300 – Rs 1500.

But what if we tell you that buying a teddy bear can burn a $2.1 million hole in your pocket? Would you still buy one??

Here’s a list of the costliest teddy bears around the world:

1) Steiff & Louis Vuitton bear

teddy bear

Steiff & Louis Vuitton bear (Photo: Twitter)

This fashionista teddy has been created by luxury brand LV and teddy bear brand Steiff. It is accompanied by a mini LV bag. It currently resides at the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju, Korea.
Price: Rs 13,51,25,550 ($2.1 million)

2) Louis Vuitton Monogram Bear

teddy bear

Louis Vuitton Monogram Bear (Photo: Facebook)

The name says it all. This is the only teddy bear that has been designed and manufactured by Louis Vuitton and only 500 pieces of this limited edition cuddly bear were made.
Price: Rs 1,17,15,340 ($1,82,000)

3) Steiff Titanic mourning bear

teddy bear

Steiff Titanic mourning bear (Photo: Facebook)

When Titanic sunk in 1912, teddy bear brand Steiff produced 600 black teddys to commemorate the tragic event. The bears were 20-inches tall and only 82 such pieces were produced.
Price: Rs 79,81,096 ($1,24,036)

4) Steiff Rod bear PB28

teddy bear

Steiff Rod bear PB28 (Photo: My Teddy Bear Museum)

Not just cars and dresses, but even teddy bears are vintage. This sweet looking teddy called Albert was made in 1904 and is 28 cm tall. During early days, teddy bears would have five claws and an unusual head from ear to ear.
Price: Rs 71,37,211 ($1,10,921)

5) Steiff Diamond Eyes Teddy Bear

teddy bear

Steiff Diamond Eyes Teddy Bear (Photo: Facebook)

This teddy bear looks like it has been touched by the King Midas (the one who turned everything into gold by his touch). Its mouth has been made with gold and its eyes have been made with sapphires and diamonds and only 125 such pieces have been made.
Price: Rs 54,05,022 ($84,000)

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6) Harlequin Teddy Bear

teddy bear

Harlequin Teddy Bear (Photo: Facebook)

This colourful teddy bear was created by Steiff in 1925 and it was one of the costliest toys made at the time. It was earlier owned by renowned financier Paul Greenwood before it was auctioned in 2010, when he was convicted of fraud.
Price: Rs 48,80,161 ($75,826)

7) Steiff blue Elliot bear

teddy bear

Steiff blue Elliot bear (Photo: Facebook)

This simple teddy bear was produced in 1908 in six different colours by Steiff and sent to London for sales. While all others were sold, this one managed to remain on the shelf until it was auctioned in 1993.
Price:  Rs 42,98,246 ($66,800)

8) Steiff Happy Teddy Bear

teddy bear

Steiff Happy Teddy Bear (Photo: Facebook)

This happy teddy bear was manufactured by Steiff in 1926 and it was bought by teddy bear collector Paul Volpp for his wife Rosemary. Cute!
Price: Rs 35,40,350 ($55,000)

9) Steiff Hot Water Bottle Teddy Bear

teddy bear

Steiff Hot Water Bottle Teddy Bear (Photo: Facebook)

This one could carry a tin cannister inside, which is why it was used as a hot water bottle for children (hence the name). Only 90 such samples were produced between 1907 and 1914.
Price: Rs 19,30,350 ($30,000)

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10) Steiff Alfonzo teddy bear

teddy bear

Steiff Alfonzo teddy bear (Photo: Facebook)

This teddy bear is one of the vintage teddy bears. It was manufactured in 1908 and bought by Princess Xena, daughter of the Grand Duke of Russia in 1989.
Price: Rs 7,78,574 ($12,100)

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