This prom dress is so expensive that you can buy 9 iPhone X with the same money

Are you planning to go to a high-profile party? Are you confused about how you should dress to impress? How about a diamond-studded gown

We the Millenials have grown up watching English TV shows. Shows like Small WondersFriends, How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl have been an essential part of childhood. They not only entertained us when the Indian television didn’t have ample shows to keep us occupied but they also gave us insights into the western world, acting like a window to bridge the gap between a ‘typical American teenager’ and us (of course!).

However, growing up watching these shows had one side effect– we too wanted to live the school life of an American kid i.e. no uniforms, luxury to skip school, not having to carry those heavy school bags (tell me if you miss them) and more importantly a PROM.

High school prom, a day when American kids dress like a Hollywood star and walk down the red carpet with their high-school sweethearts (I know we all have been secretly craving for it). But thank god that we don’t have prom night here in India!

Ladies, if you have been out on shopping you would know that dresses and gowns cost a lot (and by a lot I mean a lot!). And if you want to look the best, you would want to get the best dress available in the town. Well, American fashion brand ‘The Dress Goddess’ has designed a diamond-embellished prom dress that has genuine diamonds (yes multiple diamonds) hand sewn on the entire bodice. The strapless dress features a thigh-high slit is bound to make you look hot to trot.

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Most Expensive Prom Dress (Photo: Facebook)

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If you are wondering how much does this prom dress costs, then let me tell you it costs just $14,000 which is approx Rs 8,96,637 in Indian currency without taxes (imagine what GST and import taxes will do the MRP of the dress!). That’s Rs 9 lakh folks (yeaha lot of money)!

Now imagine what all you can do with that kind of money?

Suggestion 1: Get nine units of Apple’s sensational iPhone X.

Suggestion 2: Redecorate your home with glass chandeliers and granite stones.

Suggestion 3: Go on a trip to South Asia and still save money.

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But don’t worry as you don’t need that much of money to get that kind of dress. The non-diamond-encrusted version of the dress by La Femme is priced at $398 (Rs 25, 500 approx).  25 grand is not a bad bargain for a dress as pretty as that. Right?

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