Can You Believe These T-Shirts Are Made Of Plastic Bottles?

The quality of the fabric is checked multiple times

Have you ever thought about the usage of plastic bottles, anything beyond using it for water storage or growing plants in it? Well, this Noida-based company has taken a step ahead and brought us T-shirts made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Alcis Sports has introduced T-Shirts made from recycled plastic bottles. They use eight plastic bottles to make one T-Shirt, which is softer and lighter than normal ones. Roshan Baid, Managing Director of Alcis Sports explains: “We get pet bottles and create yarn from them. And finally, create a garment. These garments are no different from any garment you see in the market.”

This is what the process entails:

— Bottle travels to a recycling center
— They are shredded to bits
— Bits of plastic are ripped up
— Plastic goes through sterilization process
— Next, the mixture is sent through hot pipes to melt down the plastic to make thread
— The molten plastic flows through tiny holes to make filaments
— The filaments are torn into fluff that eventually gets strengthened into the polyester thread
— You can dye cloth in any colour

Once polyester reaches the garment factory, the quality of the fabric is checked, and multiple layers are cut. It then goes to garment factory sewing division, where they join shoulders, neck, sleeves using an overlock machine. It is important to then check stitching quality. Just after the quality control, they put the logo, iron the garment, fold, attach tags and pack garments into poly bags. In case, you want to order one environment-friendly t-shirt, you can go online.

Price: Rs 499