Believe it or not! Pizza, water, coffee and 4 others things that are costlier than iPhoneX

Her's a list of 7 of ridiculously expensive everyday items people blow their money on. Once you read the list, we're sure you'll love the iPhone X:

Do you often find yourself fuming over how insanely expensive the iPhone X is and how amazing it would be to have a crore rupees? You’d probably think about buying mansions, cars, and jets. Here’s a twist: What if we tell you that you can easily blow all that money on daily-use essentials like coffee, earbuds and…water! Shocked? Read on.

A wise man once said that ‘A sucker is born every hour’ and he wasn’t wrong! Loads of ‘luxury brands’ crop up every year that sell exquisite (read: overpriced) things to people who are ready to blow up lakhs on things as trivial as water and pizza! We’ve made a list of 7 of the most ridiculously expensive everyday items people blow their money on. Once you’re done reading the list, we’re pretty sure you’ll love the iPhone X:

Beverly Hills 90H20 water

The name is a spin-off of the super popular series ‘Beverly Hills 90210’. On a planet where millions go without a drop of water, the Beverly Hills 9OH2O water bottle is priced at Rs 65 lakh for a bottle. Each bottle has a custom diamond-encrusted cap to justify its price. We’re fine with regular filtered water though.

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Vertu phones

Vertu phones are known for their bizarre prices thanks to the rubies, diamonds and exotic leather accessories they come with. A basic qwerty phone, Vertu Signature Cobra, is sold for Rs. 2.3 crore. The phone has a snake slithering around its edges that is encrusted with 439 rubies. Wanna order that iPhone X now?


USA’s Industry Kitchen Pizza

At other places, you can buy around 400 pizzas for Rs 1,74,678 but not at USA’s Industry Kitchen. One box of this Guinness World Record holding pizza costs Rs 1,74,678. Why? Because the ingredients are as follows: black squid ink dough, White Stilton cheese from the UK, Foie Gras and truffles from France, Almas and Ossetra caviar from the Caspian Sea and 24K gold leaves. Extra cheese, anyone?

Civet Coffee

This Coffee which originated in Indonesia (recently started being produced in Karnataka’s Coorg district too)  is made from the poop of a civet cat. Yes, poop. The coffee beans are digested by the civet cat (which dissolves all the impurities) and then the poop is processed and sold. The coffee is sold for somewhere around Rs. 25,000 to 27,000 per kilogram. That’s some expensive poop, right?

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Casa Gi Earbuds

How much would you shell out for some damn earphones? A single pair of Casa Gi earbuds is sold for Rs 3,39,976. Why? It is encrusted with 59 diamonds and an 18-carat gold coating. Sounds comfortable!

Da Hong Pao tea

One of the world’s most expensive teas, one gram of Da Hong Pao would cost you approximately Rs. 90,000. Why the exorbitant price, you ask? The tea goes through an aging process that takes up to 80 years. Why not just sip on some good ‘ol cutting chai instead?

The Qatar soap

What do you expect from a bar of soap that costs Rs 1,81,175? Probably that it should infuse you with supernatural powers. The Qatar soap is produced by a family in Lebanon. Why? It has organic olive oil, virgin honey and is infused with pure gold dust.  C’mon man!

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