'Pimple Nails' are now a thing and it is difficult to understand why - Watch

Pimple nails are the new weird internet beauty trend and here's how you can recreate it to freak out other people.

From inverted lashes to nose hair extensions, the list of weird internet beauty trends has welcomed a new entry, and it is gross TBH. Those with a weaker stomach, turn around, back off slowly and do not scroll further down. But those of a hardy constitution and an affinity for pimple popping videos, we have a surprise in store for you.

Drumroll with a side of extra barf bags. Presenting pimple nails. It’s a trend to destroy all other trends. Because you’ll be legit ded.

Don’t believe us? Take a look.

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How did it begin?

YouTube vlogger Natasha Lee, who earlier made the fidget spinner nail art popular, is the lady behind this trend. Natasha casually tried this pimple exploding nail art for Halloween and it soon became a rage on the internet. Many beauty bloggers even recreated this trend.

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It will be safe to say that these real looking pimple nails are gross yet one of the most creative and oddly satisfying trends so far.

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Natasha also shared a 10-minute video tutorial in which she used 3-4 different colours of nail paint and hand cream as the pus, that pops out of the pimples.

Here’s the video:

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