People are now using nose hair extensions and we're officially grossed out!

The new “nostril hair extension” look is pretty creepy and though a lot of people are latching on to it, we still hope it doesn’t catch on:

We all know there’s a thin line between bizarre and creative, we also know that beauty trends in 2017 crossed that unofficial line long ago and all we can do is sit in a corner and cringe, not just once but every time we look at them. Make-up artists and beauty gurus have been flooding Instagram with their talent and we were happily watching them do thick brows, cat eyes, liquid lips and everything else. But then came 2017- the wriggly brows, the wavy lips, and the spider lashes. Don’t forget the selfie nails that went viral and still accepted it with open arms. But now, things have gone too far! People are now actually using NOSE HAIR extensions with their nose hair poking out of their nostrils. Why 2017, why?

An Instagram user who goes by the name Gret Chen Chen started off this trend and everybody climber the nose hair bandwagon. Even though she only had a following of around 700 people, her false-eyelashes-attached-to-the-nostrils went viral with major influencers trying it out. Her “nostril hair extension” look is pretty creepy and though a lot of people are latching onto it, we still hope it doesn’t catch on and become a viral sensation. Check out the original post right here:

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Even though it’s very neatly done, it’s still creepy to look at! Some are calling it fresh and new, some are calling it a gross Halloween prank. While we’re not entirely sure what to make of it, we know one thing for sure- 2017 has been a crazy, crazy year with all these bizarre trends cropping up. Let’s hop 2018 is better? Check out everyone who has embraced the nostril hair trend:

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Creepy or cool? Whaddya think?

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