Get high with these wine infused lipsticks!

The company has introduced a range of lipsticks, balms and glosses which is infused with real wine.

If you are a makeup addict and love drinking wine, here’s something for you. A Korean beauty brand has come up with the product which must be a dream of every woman who loves wines. The company has introduced a range of lipsticks, balms, and glosses which are infused with real wine. The Labiotte Chateau Wine Lipstick Fitting collection has brought wine bottle-shaped lipsticks that contain actual wine extract. Look at it:


Wine infused lipstick (Photo: Instagram/labiotteofficial)

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These little bottles are lipsticks infused with wines. These lipsticks are available in 4 flavours and are made from all natural ingredients. The lipsticks come in Cabernet Red — deep and rose-coloured; Malbec Burgundy — purple berry-hued, Nebbiolo Red — cherry-coloured red and Shiraz Red — a pink-tinted red.

These also possess various anti-ageing benefits. Starting at Rs 2000, these lipsticks are available in online marketplace only.

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wine infused lipstick

Wine infused lipstick (Photo: Instagram/labiotteofficial)

Well, look at these cute tiny bottles aren’t they enough to entice you.

This is going to be a perfect Christmas gift for your girl!

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