9 Interesting drinking games that you can play at your next party

What better way to liven up a boring party than a drinking game. Check out these fun drinking games that you'll love!

What if you’re having a party at your place and it is just not coming to life? The easiest way to liven up a boring party and bring everyone together is a drinking game! And by drinking game, if the only games that come to your mind are Beer Pong or Never Have I Ever, you need to move over. Been there, done that! Time to come up with something new. Take your party to the next level with these fun drinking games that are still not very common. These games range from super simple to a tad bit complicated but mark our words- This is going to be fun. Check’em out!

Most Likely

Everyone sits in a circle and one player asks a “Who is most likely to —–” question. Suppose “Who is most likely to break some world record?” or “Who is most likely to get in a fight?” On the count of three everyone points at the person who they think fits the bill. You have to drink for every person who points at you. For instance, five people pointed at you, so you’d have to take five drinks.

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Straight Face

All the players are given a piece of paper to write a sentence. The more inappropriate or ridiculous it is, the better. Because it requires the kind of sentences that one would find difficult to read without breaking into a laugh. Now, every player chooses a slip and tries to read it with a straight face. If you fail, you drink.

Drunk Jenga

It is like normal Jenga only with more crazy tasks written on the blocks. Like “You must refer to yourself in the third person for the rest of the game” or “Drink once for every word you say until the end of the game” or “Describe everyone’s shirts, then drink 5”. Players take turns pulling out a block using just one hand. You cannot pull blocks from the first top three rows. If you knock down the tower, you finish your drink and complete your task.

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Bite the bag

Put a bag on the ground and everyone stands around it. Each player has to lean over and pick the bag using only their mouth at their turn in a fixed time limit. Anyone who fails to do so or touches the bag with their hands has to drink. The game levels up with the bag being snipped off a bit at the end of every level.

True or False

Everyone writes a noun on a piece of paper. At your turn, you pick a slip and roll a dice. If you roll an even number you have to tell a true story involving the noun. If you roll an odd number you make up your own story around the noun and tell it to other players. The aim of the game is to guess whether it’s a true story or a false one. If the guesser guesses it right, you drink. If the guesser is wrong, they drink. Either way, someone has to drink.

Attached at the Hip

You have to write names of body parts on a slip of paper like ears, pinky finger, elbow, butt, etc and place them together in a pile. Group the players in pairs of two and each duo is assigned a body part on the basis of slip that they picked. Everyone must remain attached to their partner by that body part as long the game continues. Each time someone detaches from their partners, they have to take a drink.


To play this game you need a table full of shots. The game begins with everyone keeping their heads down on the table. On the count of three, each player is supposed to stare at another player. If you stare at someone who is staring at someone else, you are safe. But if you stare at someone who is staring back at you, you shout “Medusa” and take a shot. The game lasts till all the shots are finished.

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Slip it in

At the beginning of the party, everyone is given a weird phrase to slip in it their conversation throughout the course of the night. (For example, “Explain yourself, quickly!” or  “Never underestimate the importance of clean underwear” or  “Let me brush that for you”) If he/she manages to do it without being called on by anyone, everyone has to take a drink. However, if they fail, they drink.


This one is a super easy drinking game. The players sit in a circle and turn by turn they count numbers. Except you are not allowed to say the number 7 or its multiples, instead you say “buzz”. If anyone messes up, they drink.

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