You may soon be able to board domestic flights without showing your ID. Here's how

The passengers can board the flight even without showing their flight tickets or e-tickets at the terminals

The Narendra Modi government is working on a proposal to ensure a complete paperless procedure to board domestic flights. The Union Ministry of Civil Aviation is reportedly linking the databases of airlines and airports with passenger ID documents like Aadhaar as well as passports.

According to a senior official in the ministry, the passengers will be able to enter terminals via biometrics system and won’t need to show their ID cards to the security personnel. Even the flight ticket or an e-ticket will not be required as the database will provide information about the flight they are scheduled to board.

“We have set up a special team in the Airport Authority of India to give a final shape of the ‘dig yatra’ programme. Airport operators from Bengaluru and Hyderabad are major participants as they have prior experience in this field. Soon, we will be able to find out the cost of the project and the time frame within which it can be completed,” aviation secretary RN Choubey told a leading news website. The official maintained that international flyers will be needing passports to travel.

Adding further, the airport officials said that the databases will facilitate access to the boarding gate only close to the flight’s departure time and will lessen the crowding by passengers who stand near the boarding gates much before they are supposed to board the aircraft.

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Choubey added that the biometrics system will do away the current process of putting a stamp after security check on the boarding cards. It should be mentioned that 17 airports across the country have already stopped stamping of passengers’ luggage.

Source: TOI

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