Man impersonates as Nitin Gadkari's special officer, runs into him at Nagpur airport

A man has been booked for projecting himself as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) of the Union minister Nitin Gadkari

A man has been booked for projecting himself as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) of the Union minister Nitin Gadkari. The person identified as Jesus Waghadea allegedly walked to the counter of a private airline in Nagpur and demanded front seats saying he is Gadkari’s officer on special duty. The aiport official gave him what he wanted as he dropped a visiting card at the GoAir counter and walked off with his wife to the VIP lounge.

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Co-incidentally, minutes later Gadkari himself walked in to catch a flight to New Delhi from his home town. The lounge manager informed Gadkari’s personal assistant that the OSD, 31-year-old Jesus Waghade, is there too. However, Gadkari’s PA was surprised as there was no one working in Gadkari’s office with this name.

Waghade, a physician by profession, is now bein investigated for impersonating as ministers OSD. He reportedly did it for perhaps for the VIP frills. The incident happened on July 31. Jayant Dixit, who works as a public relations officer (PRO) of Gadkari, filed a police complaint against him. A release issued by the minister’s office on Friday said that one Jesus Waghade, a resident of Orange Blossoms, Manewada, Nagpur, was projecting himself as OSD of Gadkari, who is Minister of Road Transport, Highway and Shipping.

Dixit told PTI that the matter came to light after one of their employee had a chance to meet Waghade at Nagpur airport last evening. “The person introduced himself as OSD of Gadkari to our office employee who immediately informed us about the same. Subsequently, after verification a police complaint was lodged today,” said Dixit.

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The release added that the concerned person was fake and has no relations at all with the minister and that Gadkari is not responsible for any person dealing with the fake OSD.

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