Who Killed Ragu: Social media blames illegal AIADMK hoarding, police denies

A 32-year-old NRI software engineer died in Coimbatore allegedly due to illegal AIADMK's hoarding but police arrests a lorry driver.

A 32-year-old NRI software engineer, Ragupathy Kandaswamy died in Coimbatore on Saturday morning, allegedly due to AIADMK’s hoarding. Netizens took over social media with #WhoKilledRagu outraged over police’s denial.

According to the Indian Express, Ragupathy Kandaswamy rammed into the AIADMK hoarding illegally put up to commemorate MGR centenary. However, The Hindu reported that ‘the Coimbatore City police on Monday claimed they had surveillance camera visuals of a lorry that ran over the youth…The driver of the lorry, M. Mohan (31) of Paramakkudi, has been arrested and sent to judicial custody till December 12.’

Who killed Ragu


The social media refused to take police’s claim and someone in the city painted ‘Who Killed Ragu?’ graffiti on the spot where Ragu apparently died. The photos of the graffiti and #WhoKilledRagu have been going viral.

According to a tweet by a Times Now journalist, the police has


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