Watch: How a robot turned cop to manage traffic in Indore

On a crossing where there no signals, this robot was seen effectively giving instructions for traffic in Indore, Madhya Pradesh

In a rare sight on Sunday, a robot was seen managing traffic on Barfani Dham Ring Road in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. On a crossing where there no signals, this robot was seen effectively giving instructions for traffic. Seeing this rare sight on the road, people stopped by at the crossing just to watch this robot give instructions. This was a trial which has reportedly been successful.

As per a report in Rajasthan Patrika, this robot has been developed by a private engineering college after working on the project for over one and a half years. DSP Traffic Pradeep Singh said: We have named this Traffic Robot System. Its speciality is that once it is set, there is no need to supervise it. It will manage the traffic itself.”

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The robot has inbuilt timer and light system which can be attached to Red Light Violation Detection System. With the help of this system, action can be taken against people who violate traffic rules and jump traffic signals. The system is currently being run on a trial basis. If successful, there will be no need of traffic policemen on signals. However, there will be two engineers who will have to be manned to control the system.

The maker of this robot Rahul Tiwari said that there is no such machine that is under operation in India as per his knowledge, and he has thus applied for a patent for the same. He said that if all goes well, he will complete the robot and hand it over to the police for operation.


– It has been built 500 kgs of steel
– The top part of the machine keeps rotating
– It has inbuilt timer and camera lens
– The hands of the robot will be adjusted as per traffic timings
– It can be connected with WiFi and its view can be accessed through laptop, tablet and RLDV system
– It works on 12-watt electricity connection
– It will also be solar panel enabled in the future

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