UP bride finds out her would be husband is a 'gutkha' addict, calls off marriage

Stunned by the girl's decision to call off her wedding, family members and friends tried to convince her but she did not change her mind

A girl from Uttar Pradesh cancelled her wedding when she saw her soon to be husband chewing gutkha during the rituals. The incident took place in Murarpatti village which falls under Ballia district in Uttar Pradesh. After she called off her wedding, family members tried to persuade her to change the decision but she stick to it.

As per the police, the groom who hails from Dalan Chapara village with his ‘baraat’ reached Lalganj village. He was welcomed with huge fanfare and after initial rituals, he was taken to the mandap. It was when the girl saw him chewing tobacco she refused to marry him, reports Hindustan Times.

Stunned by the girl’s decision to call off her wedding, family members and friends tried to convince the girl but she did not change her mind. After which, members from the groom side went to the Dokati police station to file a complaint.

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Vijay Singh, a police station officer said that the girl was adamant on not marrying a ‘gutkha addict’. Head of the village Dhayashankar Pathak said, “Though her parents and kin of the groom made efforts to convince her for the marriage, she refused to change her decision”.

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Last month a wedding was called off in UP after a girl with a pistol entered the venue and claimed that groom is her husband and they secretly tied the knot in a temple. When the groom argued that he did not even know her, she threatened to shoot herself. The matter got resolved only when the elders intervened and the wedding was finally cancelled. According to an eye-witness, “The ex-girlfriend of Devendra, on being pacified by elders who suggested that she resolve the matter amicably, too returned home”

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