Kolhapur: Cop couple opts for a smaller wedding, donates their savings to charity

This couple who are both police officers chose to tie the knot in a low-key wedding affair instead of having a lavish wedding

“What? How can you not have a big wedding? What will relatives say? What will society say?” These are just some of the questions that the elders in a “traditional” Indian family would generally say when their children tell them they wished to have a small and intimate wedding ceremony.

However, these cop couple defied norms and went on to shatter stereotypes by opting for a smaller wedding ceremony and giving up all the money they saved to charity. According to a report in Hindu, police officers identified as Manoj Patil and Sarita Laykar chose to ditch the big fat Indian wedding and chose to have low-key ceremony on April 28 in Kolhapur district.

“Manoj called me two days after he visited my house with his family, and asked to meet. Curious, I agreed. I was left astonished by what he told me as I, too, have grown up seeing lavish weddings. He left it to me to decide how our wedding should be, and when I put the idea to my family, they liked it too,” the daily quoted Ms. Laykar as saying.

The report further stated that the couple donated Rs 50,000 Naam Foundation an NGO which looks out for the families of martyrs and farmers. Rs 30,000 was donated to a school in Dewle village where Manoj grew up, Rs 30,000 was given to a gram panchayat for the canal project. Rs 10,000 was donated to a Hanuman’s temple in the village while Rs 5,000 was given to a public library in a village in Kolhapur.

They also reportedly have Rs 50,000 left with them. The newly-weds are trying to figure out other ways they could help the needy.