This 32-year-old techie strummed guitar while doctors "burned" his brain

Playing guitar by the patient during the surgery helped the doctors to locate the areas which result in triggering the abnormal tremors in his muscles

A patient in the hospital and a person playing guitar, these are entirely two different images and there seems no correlation between them. But such a scenario became a reality when a 32-year-old at a Bengaluru hospital played guitar on the operation table while surgeons ‘burned’ a part of his brain which triggered the abnormal tremors in his muscles.

As per a report in the Times of India, Rahul (name changed) was suffering from the musician’s dystonia, which leads to abnormal and involuntary flexion of muscles and because of which he had cramped three fingers on his left hand. It was more than an year ago when he first experienced the cramps while he was playing the guitar.

Him playing guitar during the surgery helped the doctors to locate the areas which result in triggering the abnormal tremors in his muscles. A senior neurologist from the University of British Columbia, Dr Sanjiv C C, a said, “This problem occurred when he tried to play the instrument and real-time feedback was important for us to ascertain the exact location of the target to be repaired.”

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Before the surgery, a special frame was fixed in his head with four screws going into his skull. After which an MRI was done. The MRI images showed three coordinates based on which a 14mm hole was drilled into the skull of the patient under local anaesthesia and specific electrode was passed it helped in locating the right spot and also prevent complications.

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After the operation, Rahul said, “I was amazed to see my fingers improve magically on the operation table itself. By the end of the surgery, my fingers were 100% cured and I could move them like before”.

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