10-year-old, who became world's heaviest kid due to cola addiction undergoes successful bariatric surgery

The kid has apparently lost nearly 16kg withing 14 days of the operation

A 10-year-old boy, who got the moniker of world’s most obese kid last year, had to undergo bariatric surgery to reduce his weight. Arya Permana was in limelight for his morbid obesity as he weighed around 192kg because of his unchecked habit of drinking cola and eating noodles.

Arya was once so large that clothes simply could not fitin and he was forced to simply wrap a sarong round his body, reports Mirror.Co.UK. He could not walk because of his weight that also forced him to miss school completely. His parents – mother Rokayah and father Ade Somantri sought doctor’s help to save their son. The doctors put the child on a strict diet and allowed him to eat only fruits and vegetables.However, it did not brought adequate results as the child only lost 6 kg.

On April 17, the doctors carried sleeve gastrectomy on Arya which would reduce the size of his stomach. This means, his stomach will limit the portion of the meal and give him the sense that he is fulland thus help him in reducing further weight. The operation is also likely to decrease productions of the ghrelin hormone in his system, which would further reduce his hunger.

The kid has apparently lost nearly 16kg withing 14 days of the operation. Since then, he has lost an addition 2.7kg, The Daily Mail reported. His mother is very happy with result but said the decision to let him be operated upon was very difficult to make. “He has now lost 20 kilos. We are happy and relieved but he is still overweight for his age. We are hoping that one day he will lose all the extra weight and be as healthy as other children at his class,” his mother was quoted saying, by Daily Mail.