Teacher in Pakistan fired for having 'perfect moustache' as it gives students 'liberal ideas'

Currently, Haseeb runs an Arts and Theatre collective called Theatre Valley who actively work towards ‘Theatre for Social Change’

Ever heard that a person lost his job because of a moustache? No, right? But this became a reality in Pakistan when a teacher was fired by the school authorities for the most bizarre reason ever. Haseeb Ali Chisti, a Pakistani teacher, was sacked from the school for having a perfect moustache as the school thought that his moustache was giving ‘liberal ideas’ to students.

Haseeb has taught in many schools in Islamabad. After the incident, he wrote a post on Facebook, through which he tried to show the mindset which is prevalent in Pakistan’s education system and vented out his anger on the school authorities.

In the post he wrote, “Being told ‘your moustache gives liberal ideas to students’ and ‘you’re a young, handsome man… it will distract our girls and faculty’ is probably the funniest reason for being let go from a job”.

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“Increasingly I see schools imposing penalties against students for interacting with the opposite sex, I see school owners taking pride in their “conservative outlook” and shunning programs such as drama and dance for being “vulgar”. The only thing wrong with a girl talking to a boy in school is the MINDSET that assumes this exchange must be immoral”, added. 

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Currently, Haseeb runs an arts and theatre collective called Theatre Valley who actively work towards ‘Theatre for Social Change’. He is also working to open an art school for underprivileged students in Islamabad.

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