15-year-old boy labelled as 'weak' student by teachers completes engineering in just 1 year

Nirbhay Thakkar completed class VIII to XII in nine months under the International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

When children of his age prepared for their board exams, a 15-year-old boy completed his engineering course. Identified as Nirbhay Thakkar, the boy became the youngest engineering graduate from Gujarat Technological University (GTU).

According to a Times of India report, Thakkar’s accelerated education started from class VIII. After passing the class VII exam as a state board student, Nirbhay completed class VIII to X in six months and XI and XII in the next three months under the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) system run by Cambridge International Examinations.

Nirbhay’s father, an engineer, and his mother, who is a doctor, represented his case as a special one to the GTU, Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC) and All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Nirbhay was thus admitted to SAL College of Engineering.

According to the report, a special schedule was prepared for Nirbhay Thakkar. This fast-track course was prepared in coordination with faculty members.

“The course is credit-based and Nirbhay spends nine hours at the college,” he said. “According to the GTU norms, the paper was set and results were declared only for him,” said the college principal.

The 15-year-old achiever feels that it was the sense of wonderment towards the world around instilled by his father, that helped him prepare for the subjects over the years.

Nirbhay who enjoys football, chess, or swimming in his leisure time wants to go into research and product development, and also wants to complete multiple degrees in engineering to make his approach multi-disciplinary.

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Dr Navin Sheth, the vice-chancellor of GTU, reportedly said that Nirbhay would be the youngest engineering degree holder in the university’s history.

Nirbhay’s proud father says that no child is dull or bright in studies – all depends on how the child’s mind is programmed for excellence.

As his graduate project, Nirbhay is developing a windmill based on maglev (magnetic levitation) technology which can remain functional and generate energy even with minimal wind.

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