#SayWhat: It's so smoggy in Kolkata that policemen have to wear uniforms with LED lights

1,000 red-and blue LED shoulder lights have already been distributed

Remember Amitabh Bachchan rocking to the tunes of ‘Sara Zamana‘ in the movie Yarana? The LED lights studded body costume is undoubtedly one of his most iconic costumes. And now Kolkata Traffic Police officers are bringing back the sweet memories of the song by donning a similar LED-studded uniform.

In case you are wondering, no they’re not paying a tribute to the star. Instead, the LED-studded uniforms have been introduced to ensure the safety of the officers who toil after sunset, especially during the winters.

The uniforms with LED lights or the “body lights” will not only help the drivers spot the police officers from a reasonable distance of 500 metres and help in reducing the risk of fog-related road accidents, but it will also help in ensuring the safety of officers in the areas that dimly-lit, are prone to accidents or remain shrouded in fog.

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Nearly 1,000 red-and-blue LED shoulder lights have already been distributed among the sergeants. And 3,000 more will be doled out to traffic constables soon.

“Drivers will be able to spot the officers from a distance of 500 meters. These LED lights are set on the epaulets of the uniforms. The lights keep blinking, making it easier for motorists to control their speed,” a Kolkata Traffic Police officer told PTI.

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Sudip Roy, a young traffic sergeant of Kolkata Traffic Police lost his right leg in a road accident while he was on duty last year. He sustained major injuries to his pelvis joint. He was equipped with a prosthetic leg in October last year and he would resume duty in February this year. Check out this post by Kolkata Police:

The LED light-studded uniform will help in ensuring the safety of other officers like Roy and avoiding such accidents.