Ryan International murder: Bus conductor Ashok Kumar talks about his ordeal

Ashok Kumar walked out of Haryana's Bhondsi jail on November 22. InUth visited his house in Ghamroj village and here's what he had to say about his ordeal

Ashok Kumar, the bus conductor who was jailed after being accused of murdering the seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur from Ryan International School, walked out of Haryana’s Bhondsi jail on Wednesday, November 22. Kumar had been arrested by the Gurugram Police on September 8 after Thakur’s body was found in a pool of blood outside the washroom of Ryan International School.

The Gurugram Police had claimed that Kumar had confessed to having sexually assaulted the boy and killed him when he resisted his advances. However, in its investigation, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which took over the probe on September 23, contended that Kumar had been framed in the murder case.

When we visited his home in Ghamroj village, we were told he couldn’t move from his bed. Take a look at the video:

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Sharing his ordeal, Ashok Kumar told us how Gurugram Police tormented him while he was in their custody. He said,

They hung me upside down and thrashed my feet, my hands and feet were tied. They injected me with chemicals, I was given shock therapy. When I asked for food after starving for two days, they kicked me.

“He was in a really bad shape. He couldn’t even walk. His hands and face were swollen. We couldn’t check the rest of his body,” his wife Mamta shared.

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Today, Ashok Kumar is a pale ghost of his former self. He can barely talk and is writhing in pain. The event has traumatised him so much that he is scared to step out of the house. His family – consisting of his parents, two sons and his wife – are struggling to make their ends meet. They are worried if he would ever be able to work again.