Register your pregnancy with govt, else forget a birth certificate for your kid in Tamil Nadu

The programme which will be launched on July 1, aims at covering women from all socio-economic backgrounds

Soon, pregnant women in Tamil Nadu will have to register themselves with the state health department, so as to make sure that child birth happens without any complications. Also, those not abiding by the new rule will not be able to issued a birth certificate for their child. As per the programme, that will be launched on July 1, pregnant woman can also register by dialing a non-emergency medical number, 102, or through any private hospital.

J Radhakrishnan, health secretary.”It’s an ambitious project that attempts to bring down maternal and infant mortality rates by keeping a tab on every pregnant woman in the state”.

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The step is taken to ensure that health department has information about the expectant mothers’ medical records, send reminders for doctor’s visits, and to tell them about anaemia and hypertension. The programme aims at covering women from all socio-economic backgrounds by registering themselves with the help of health nurses or by logging on to the website of the health department.

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In cases, where deliveries happen at homes and private hospitals, govt do not get information about it. Also, those women living in rural areas and expecting their third child do not give the information on time as after the birth of two children they are not eligible to avail benefits of the welfare schemes.

One of the doctors working on this programm said, “When women move places for delivery, we want to make sure health care providers at the new place have adequate information about the expectant mother. Information usually reaches district headquarters only when it audits maternal death. The new platform keeps everyone informed”.

(Source: Times of India)

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