Watch: Pregnant lady in her third trimester shows off impressive dance skills. Video gets 17 million views

Do not miss this unbelievably wonderful video!

Pregnancy is one such time in a woman’s life when she gets a lot of unsolicited advice and suggestions (all in good sense though) but the most important thing is for the mother to be stress-free, happy and healthy. And of late, the pregnant women around the world have taken the age-old advice of keeping oneself active seriously by doing yoga, and exercising but wait, dancing too? Yes, you read it right. And, that’s where we come to understand that every pregnancy is different.

A professional female choreographer from Sweden, who was 41-weeks (in her 9th month so to speak) pregnant then, put up a video of hers dancing with a partner on Facebook and it has gone viral. And the comments section is flooded with some wondering how she managed to do this in the last week of her pregnancy, while others are simply enjoying the video. Plenty have wished her a safe pregnancy, while others worried about the child. Maybe that’s why, the woman shared an extremely ‘awwwdorable’ video of her 3-day old baby post-delivery and you really must watch it.

The video, which has been shared by other Facebook pages like Now I’ve Seen Everything and Gossip Mill Nigeria have over 15 million and 17 million views respectively. For those who loved the song the couple is dancing on, we have found it for you and it’s Atupman’s One Love.
Watch her amazing dance moves, right before she was off to the hospital for delivery:

And, she posted a video of her cute little munchkin, Baby JJ, on her Facebook page: