Eating meat a 'beemari', RSS leader Indresh Kumar tells Muslims; urges them to keep Tulsi plant in their homes

RSS leader Indresh Kumar told Muslims that "Meat is a disease, Milk is the cure" hence whoever sacrifices animals and consumes them is eating poison

Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) leader Indresh Kumar stirred a row on Monday after he asked all Indian Muslims not to have “gosht” claiming that it was a “beemari”. Adding to his suggestion, he also urged them to include cow milk in their drinks (sharbat). He made the statement at the iftaar party which was organised by the Muslim wing of the RSS at the Jamia Millia Islamia University.

There were widespread protests by students against the presence of the RSS leader which even led to clashes with the police on Monday evening. But all of this did not deter Kumar from attending the event and even urging Muslims to give up meat.

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Speaking at the event, Kumar said listed three appeals that they had made to Muslims of India: “First, during Ramzan, they should plant trees in their localities, lanes, mosques and dargahs so that pollution can be tackled and the environment can be protected. Second, they should keep Tulsi plant in their homes, because it’s called Rehan (Jannat ki Jhaad) in Arabian and isse jannat naseeb hogi,” he was quoted in the Indian Express. As the third appeal, he said that the Prophet and his heirs did not eat meat. “Meat is a disease… Milk is the cure” hence whoever sacrifices animals and consumes them is eating poison.

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Students alleged that they were beaten up and detained outside Gate No. 7 of the varsity. Speaking to PTI over the protests, Imran Khan, a research scholar, said that Kumar is prime accused in many blast cases. “We do not want him in our institution and that is why we protested,” he said.

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