RSS may soon sell 'gau mutra', Modi and Yogi kurta online!

The Deen Dayal Dham, run by the RSS, is in the process of registering with online shopping websites to sell cow urine along with Modi and Yogi kurtas

Are you among those who want to buy cow urine and manure for medicinal purposes? If you are, buying it is going to be much easier for you with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)-run laboratory readying to sell these products online. The Deen Dayal Dham, run by the RSS, is still in the process of collaborating with online shopping portals.

Speaking to Times of India, deputy secretary of Deen Dayal Dham Manish Gupta said that the products of the ‘Kamdhenu’ line have cow urine as an ingredient. These products include “Kamdhenu Ark for indigestion, Kamdhenu Madhunashak Chur for diabetes, oils for sprains and arthritis, shampoo, bath soaps, eye drops, cataract medicines, toothpaste, incense, Kamdhenu Kafsudha for lung infection and face packs.” The products will be manufactured at a pharmaceutical lab at Deen Dayal Dham in Mathura which is run by the RSS.

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Director of Deen Dayal Dham Rajendra has stated that the products in which cow urine has been used as an ingredient are in demand. He said that though these are available at local level and in RSS-organised camps, making it available online will make them accessible to people across the globe. He is hopeful that the demand for these products will increase and henceforth its production may also have to be increased. One of the employees at the lab told Times of India that they sold 7 quintals of chyawanprash in 2015 and in 2016, its production of was hiked to 12 quintals.

Apart from the medicinal benefits, signature ‘Modi’ and ‘Yogi’ kurtas will also soon be made available online. Recently at the Vibrant Gujarat summit in January, Modi kurtas and jackets were a hit. Even stalls at the summit were seen selling Modi style kurtas. The kurta was reportedly sold for nearly Rs 1600 while the jackets were sold for nearly Rs 6,000.

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