Passengers may soon have to observe 30 seconds of silence on flights carrying martyred soldiers' bodies

Even though the script has not been finalised as yet, here's what the announcement to observe 30 seconds of silence on flights could be like

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has suggested the Indian carriers to observe 30 seconds of silence if the airplane is carrying the mortal remains of a martyr who died during a combat. The proposal first came from the Indian Armed Forces before it was forwarded to the airline for approval.

While it is still unclear whether the move will be implemented or not but the initial reports suggest that airlines may accept the proposal. “This proposal had come from the armed forces and we have forwarded it to airlines seeking their views. Airlines have to be taken on board before any decision is taken,” a senior official at the aviation regulator was quoted as saying.

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Even though the draft has not been finalised as yet, the forwarded template reads as, “It is our proud privilege/moment to announce that today on our flight we have amongst us the mortal remains of an extremely brave and gallant soldier of the Indian Army/Navy/Air Force… We request you to observe 30 seconds of silence for the departed soul.”

The script will be finalised after taking the opinion of the airlines into consideration. Currently, no such announcement is made before carrying the bodies of martyred soldiers. However, an airline official who did not wish to be named said that the airlines were sceptical about using words like “proud” and “privileged” in the announcement.

“Bodies of martyrs are being carried in flights for many years and everyone involved in the process, including the airline, pay the respect they deserve,” ex-head at IndiGo and Air India said that adding such orders should come from the government and not the aviation regulator.

Source: Economic Times