Mumbai has a new hero. Youth saves an abandoned infant girl, Twitter erupts

The man snapped the infant's picture and posted it on social media, asking for help

Every now and then we come across incidences of immense cruelty that break our belief in humanity. But thanks to a Mumbai man who made us feel that all is not lost and humanity is still alive. In a heartwarming gesture, Aman, a Mumbaikar, saved the life of an infant who was abandoned by her parents in an autorickshaw. For being a good Samaritan, he is being hailed by Mumbai Police as well.

While talking to a leading daily, Aman narrated how he came across the infant.

I and my brother were out for a walk last night in our society when we heard the sound of cry near dustbins kept on the roadside. Initially, we thought it might be a kitten or some injured animal, but upon a closer look we found an infant left alone in an autorickshaw.

Aman, who works for a logistics company, further added,

The infant was shivering. I tried calling up police, but his call couldn’t get through. Meanwhile, I picked up the infant, took her picture and posted them on social media seeking help.

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Here is his tweet:

The police arrived at the spot after ten minutes and the infant was taken to a hospital. A police official at the Kanjurmarg Police Station said that footages from CCTV cameras installed in that area are being scanned to find the identity of those who had abandoned the newborn in an autorickshaw.

The Mumbai Police have thanked Sharma for his humanitarian gesture. The city police took to Twitter and hailed his efforts.

Aman, quoting the doctors, said the 15-day-old infant had been shifted to the ICU and her exact medical condition will be known after CT scan. He has also been sharing constant updates about the rescued newborn.

Interestingly, not only the Mumbai police, Twitter users also hailed Aman’s gesture and came out in front to support and help him. Here’s how Twitterati reacted:

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Sadly this is not the first incident where a newborn was abandoned in Mumbai. Several cases go unreported while only handful case come to light. Such a case was reported earlier in August this year wherein a month-old infant was rescued by a couple on the tetrapods at Marine Drive.

This man is a hero! 🙂

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