Mumbai church installs CCTV cameras inside women's washroom 'to prevent theft'

Mumbai church has installed CCTV cameras inside the women's washroom. The move has left the women parishioners visiting the church furious

Women parishioners visiting a church in Mumbai were left horrified after they found CCTV cameras installed inside the women’s washroom. Following which, they collectively sent a letter to the archbishop of Bombay, Cardinal Oswald Gracias demanding an answer as to the purpose of the cameras inside a women’s washroom of Mumbai’s St Michael’s Church.

“Why are our priests of St Michael’s parish being more ridiculous by the day? Just what are they expecting to capture on camera? Women with their pants down or their sarees up? Are they missing out on something? Karen C D’Souza, vice-president of Association of Concerned Catholics was quoted as saying.

Adding that the women did not require men gathering to watch “live porn”, the letter stated that the church might as well close the toilets since the women cannot use the washroom with cameras in it. Meanwhile, the church which is one of the oldest church in the city has said that the cameras were installed for the safety of women and to prevent thefts.

However, the church also affirmed that they would remove the cameras if the women were uncomfortable. “It’s fine to have cameras in the corridor. But inside? It’s a terrible feeling to know someone is watching you constantly while you are inside the washroom,” another woman who has been regularly visiting the church said.

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Furthermore, Karen asserted that if the church was worried about theft then they should appoint security guards within 50 metres of the toilet.

“It was installed sometime back to prevent thefts. Women leave the bags outside, near the basin, before entering the toilet. We did that (install the camera) to protect the ladies. There were no complaints (until now). If it is causing a misunderstanding and it is making them uncomfortable, we will remove it,” Father Simon Borges was quoted as saying.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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