Video: Woman police officer allegedly molested by senior cop in Coimbatore

In the video, the cop can be seen continuously groping his female colleague even when she is trying to push his hand away

In a disturbing video which has gone viral, a senior police officer in Coimbatore can be seen molesting and groping a lady sub-inspector. The incident took place in Gandhipuram area of the city on September 4 during protests against the medical entrance test NEET.

The woman in the video is a sub inspector from Coimbatore and the man is Assistant Commissioner (AC) Jayaram. The video which was taken on Monday shows that women police officers are also not safe in the city.

The incident happened when the students were protesting the death of 17-year-old Anitha, who took her life as she could not get a medical seat. The police were attempting to detain the protesters by taking them to a bus waiting by the side.

When the assistant commissioner was asked about the video, he claimed, “There was a protest happening and I had to control the situation. I had no other intentions or motive. I had to intervene to ensure the task was completed”.

In the video, he can be seen continuously groping his female colleague even though she is trying to push his hand away. However, the woman police officer has not filed a complaint against her senior.

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“I didn’t even notice that it was a woman standing in front of me,” he says. “I am sure I didn’t do it repeatedly. Media is putting the visuals on loop and showing me in a bad light,” he alleges.

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After the incident came to light, Coimbatore Commissioner A Amalraj said that the enquiry into the matter is underway. Despite, the video going viral, no action has been taken against the Assistant Commissioner yet.

(Source: The News Minute)

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