#MuchAmaze: Has the Bermuda Triangle mystery been solved by tenth graders from Bihar?

They have also received letters of appreciation from the CBSE and MS Swaminathan

The mystery surrounding the notorious Bermuda Triangle may apparently soon be solved, thanks to the efforts of a team of four Class X students from Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district.

According to reports, the four Class X students from DAV Khabra in Muzaffarpur district – Satyam Kumar, Aryan, Vishwajeet and Kushal – claim to have developed a device that will overcome the magnetic barrier surrounding the triangle, and collect images from within the region. The team is set to present their research at the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) in Goa at an approval meet on January 5.

Earlier this year, the team had written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about their device. Soon after, they received a consent from the PMO’s office allowing them to prove the feasibility of the device at NIO.

The team had also submitted their research to CBSE and renowned Indian geneticist MS Swaminathan, who sent them letters of appreciation.

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Bermuda Triangle mystery
Bermuda Triangle, also known as the ‘Devil’s Triangle’ is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircrafts and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

While pop culture has attributed the disappearances to extraterrestrial beings and paranormal activity, science has cited a strong magnetic field as the probable cause. However, none of them have been able to explain the disappearances completely.

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Last year, a video titled ‘What’s on Earth?’ shared by the Science Channel claimed to have solved the mystery surrounding the region. However, the theory later turned out to be a complete hoax.