UFOs, aliens, super-speed aircrafts- what's going on in Area 51?

Conspiracy theories or truth- what is the US government hiding in Area 51?

Lack of information breeds conspiracy theories and Area 51 happens to be in the heart of one.

Located in the far off deserted area of Groom Lake near Los Angeles, Nevada, is an Air Force facility that houses numerous defence secrets and is the centre of development and testing of experimental weapons and air crafts. Also known as the Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Home Base and Watertown, Area 51 was acquired by the US Air Force in 1955. Though the site has been used to test fighter air crafts like OXCART, U2, D21 Tagboard and SR 71 Blackbird, its presence was officially acknowledged by America’s top spy agency CIA only in 2013.

Why is Area 51 important to the US government?
For a place that hosts countless secrets, Area 51 has is a relatively familiar name. However, no one knows what’s going on inside this top-secret facility. What we do know about this weird place is that the site has been used to test air crafts like U2, OXCART, F-117 stealth ground-attack jet and project A-12.

What’s cooking in Area 51?
There are many conspiracy theories about what goes inside the guarded territory of Area 51. While some people believe that the site hosts teleportation and time travel technology, others believe that it’s the site where meetings with the extra-terrestrial intelligence is held. However, there are some theories that have found solid ground in the desert of Nevada.

A popular theory suggests that Area 51 is used for the storage and reverse engineering of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

Apparently, a man named Mac Brazel found pieces of metal on his land in New Mexico. When he took the debris to the Roswell authorities. The commanding officer was so intrigued that he ordered an investigation. What he discovered will blow your minds away! In a press release, he said that they had discovered some sort of “flying disk.”

But that’s not it. A man named Robert Lazar shocked the world in 1989 by claiming that the government possessed at least nine alien spacecraft at a base called S-4, which is located near Groom Lake. He said that the government hired him to help reverse engineer the technology in the alien aircraft for use in the US military vehicles while adding that he discovered a substance called ‘Element 115’ that powered the alien spacecraft.

Another theory suggests that the site is used for the examination of living and dead aliens recovered from crashed Roswell UFO. This theory was been confirmed by a dying CIA agent who said that only two aliens survived the Roswell crash and that they were held captive in a garage in S4.

Yet another theory suggests that this super-secretive place hosts a stealth aircraft called ‘Aurora‘ that travel up to the speed of Mach 5 (which by the way is pretty crazy!) and can be deployed anywhere in the world within hours.

What happens within the barbed fences of Area 51 stays within the barbed fences, and what is known to the world can always be debated!