Man sexually assaults daughter for over a year, family takes her to temple to undergo 'truth test'

When the girl complained about his father to her family, her relatives took her to a temple and made her press her hand against nails to give her testimony

Repeated instances of crime against women have been spoken of several times bringing into light the lack of safety and security that females have to face in the society. However, what is even more depressing is that women and girls are not even safe in their own homes. One such incident has surfaced in Rajagopalnagar in Bengaluru where a 44-year-old assaulted his 14-year-old daughter for over a year.

Ramesh, a resident of Rajagopalnagar, reportedly assaulted his daughter when his wife was away at work. He had warned his daughter against speaking up and even threatened to kill her if she told anyone about what he did to her. He used to also blackmail her saying that her mother might end her own life if she got to know about the case.

It was not just once or twice but on several occasions for over a year when Ramesh sexually assaulted his daughter under the influence of alcohol. Neighbours also claimed that they informed Ramesh’s wife about his indecent behaviour with the daughter, but the girl always denied out of fear of her father.

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When the daughter started acting in a weird manner, her mother took her to a temple thinking it might be a disease that can be cured there. It was only later that her daughter revealed to her that she was being sexually assaulted not by an outsider, but by her own father. Ramesh’s wife questioned him in front of his relatives who came to Bengaluru from Magadi.

But instead of taking the matter seriously and acting against Ramesh, they took the girl to the temple and made her swear on God. What is worse is that the girl was asked to press her hand on a board of sharp nails in the name of a ‘truth’ test. “They forced the girl to press her hand on a stand with nails. They said that this was a way to find out the truth,” a police officer has been quoted in saying in the NewsMinute.

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When the mother saw her daughter in pain, she protested. Witnesses at the temple called the police to intervene in the matter who lodged a case against Ramesh and have begun investigating the matter. Ramesh along with three others has been arrested and booked under various sections of the IPC, POCSO and the Juvenile Justice Act.

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