How a 9-year-old boy helped police nab and jail a man who sexually assaulted him in Mumbai

The 24-year-old accused, who was repeatedly sexually abusing the minor victim has been jailed for 5 years under POCSO Act in Mumbai

In yet another case of sexual assault of a minor, a 24-year-old man in Mumbai has been sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment by a special Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act court on May 18 who was abusing a 9-year-old living on the streets. But this wouldn’t have been possible without the determination of a teenager who rescued the minor and helped him to register a complaint against the accused.

According to the reports by Times of India, Anil Yenke, the accused, who was repeatedly sexually abusing the minor victim has been jailed for 5 years under POCSO Act by the court. The incident happened on September 29, 2015.

The incident came to light when the witnessed saw the accused sexually assaulting the boy in the midnight who slept on the footpath under a railway bridge. Explaining about the accident he further added that, when the accused left the place after assaulting the victim, he immediately spoke to the victim the next morning, who in turn confided that he was being abused for nearly 2 weeks.

The witness also said, he knew the accused and the victim through an NGO that supported them. The accused was a drug addict and many children had no families and many of them were addicted to drugs.

Trying to save the victim from further sexual assault, the witness looked for a safe spot for him and took the boy to another place nearby. That was not it, the accused even came there and confronted the victim and insisted on taking the victim back along with him. But the teen refused to let the victim go. The accused also slapped the victim when the boy told the accused he did not want to go along due to the sexual assault.

Interestingly, a man serving food at a dargah nearby saw the victim crying and asked him what had happened. Then the witness told him about the whole incident of sexual assault. The man, in turn, called the cops and took them to the police station where the witness lodged the complaint against the accused.

As the matter was put in court, the witness denied the defense claims that he too was addicted to drugs and hence was not conscious at the time of the alleged incident. The child said that he was not a drug addict.

Ruling the decision in favor of the minor and pronouncing sentence of 5-year imprisonment to the accused the court said, “there is no reason for the informant to falsely implicate the accused in the present case. All the main witnesses of prosecution corroborate with each other. The medical evidence is also corroborated with the testimony of victim.”