Kolkata sexual abuse survivor's father begs for CM intervention to end trauma of repeated medical tests

The four-year-old girl who was allegedly sexually abused in a school in Kolkata was subjected to two medical tests in a week

The father of the four-year-old nursery student who was allegedly sexually abused at school has requested West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to end the slew of medical tests. Pleading to relieve the trauma of his daughter, the father said that the minor had to be hospitalized after the second round of tests.

The four-year-old was in considerable distress and pain post the medico-legal forensic evaluation. While the first round of tests was done last week to check her for external injury, the second round was more invasive. Medical tests for such cases entail checking for injuries inside the mouth, genitalia and anus.

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Kolkata: Parents of numerous students gathered outside the institute in Kolkata on December 2, where the four-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by her two teachers. The victim was bleeding profusely when she returned from school on November 30. PTI Photo

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The father said,

The CM should look into the matter and ensure that my daughter isn’t forced to face more trouble for the sake of police investigation. She has suffered deep trauma. Just when she was getting a little better, she was forced to undergo a second medical test that has again caused pain and trauma.

Just five days after being allegedly sexually abused on the school campus by two PT teachers, the minor was subjected to further harassment due to the invasive nature of the medical tests.

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Expressing his helplessness at the situation, the father added,

She was reluctant to undergo the second medical test and was uncomfortable throughout. But she did not have a choice. It was thrust on her. We consulted our paediatrician, who advised some medicines, when she continued to cry after returning home. Our doctor advised hospitalisation when her situation did not improve.

Due to this, the girl would not be available for the magistrate interview scheduled for today to record her and her parents’ statements under Section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Currently on painkillers, the minor is reportedly on the mend.