In today's WTF News: Woman poses as man, marries two women for dowry

Sweety Sen posed as a man to entice women on Facebook and later married them

The Uttarakhand Police on Wednesday arrested a woman named Sweety Sen for her connection in a dowry case. In case you are wondering, Sen is not some greedy ‘saasu-maa‘ or a mean sister-in-law from an Indian daily soap torturing a girl for dowry. Sweety is the husband herself! Confused?

Well, Sweety Sen, who is a resident of Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh, posed as a man and married two women. She then tortured one of the women for dowry, said Nainital’s senior superintendent of police Janmejay Khanduri.

Sounds pretty unbelievable right? But according to a report by the Hindustan Times, Sweety Sen created a Facebook profile in the name of Krishna Sen in 2013. She posted pictured dressed as a man and chatted with several women on the social networking platform.

In 2014, she went to Kathgodam to meet a woman she had befriended on Facebook in 2014. She told her that was the ‘son’ of a CFL bulb businessman from Aligarh. Next thing you know, they’re getting married!

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But this just the beginning of this Bollywood-istyle dramedy. Sen, then started beating her ‘wife’, who BTW holds a double master’s degree, demanding dowry. She even took a dowry of whopping 8.5 lakh for setting up a factory.

Hold on, there’s more.

Sen, then, lured another woman from Kaladhungi and married her in April 2016. Ironically, the ‘second wife’ was present during Sen’s first wedding as a guest.

So, how did she manage to pull off such a feat without getting caught?

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The answer is as mind-boggling as the question itself. Sen rented a room in Halwani’s Tikoniya area where she kept both her ‘wives’. After marriage, she never let her ‘wives’ touch her or look at her body. Apparently, she used to have a ‘fake’ physical relationship using sex toys. Crazy right?

As far as the hapless wives are concerned, when the girl from Kaladhungi came to know that Sen was not a man, she silenced her by promising money. However, the girl from Kathgodam lodged a complaint with Haldwani Police alleging dowry demands and threats– which is how the case came to light.

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During their interrogation, Sen told the police that she pretended to be a boy during childhood. She cut her hair to look like a man. She even used to drive a motorcycle and smoke cigarettes to make her ‘act’ seem more plausible.

Police got her medically examined, which proved that she was indeed a woman. They are now on a lookout for Sen’s family members who were there during Sen’s two weddings and other ceremonies.

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