Today in WTF: Saudi Arabia censors pool ad, replaces woman with beach ball

Saudi Arabia advertisement company SACO photoshops woman into a Winnie the Pooh beach ball, and the internet is losing its mind over it

In a shocking incident that came to light when hundreds of people retweeted the misogynist advertisement by a retail company in Saudi Arabia which allegedly Photoshopped a woman in their advert with a beach ball in their online catalogue which provides special Ramadan offers. Reportedly, the picture was tweeted by SACO, a Saudi retail giant promoting swimming pools, to attract the customers with their special offers. The tweet by the company highlights the wide variety of swimming pools pinned with a picture of a family enjoying in the pool.

While the three members of the family – a shirtless man and two children are graphed from top to bottom with their bodies covered and faces slightly pixelated, the woman is entirely cropped out and is turned into an inflated ball with a cartoon of Winnie The Pooh on it.

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Appalled by the tweet, one Twitterati found and shared the original uncensored picture. As it turns out, the picture of swimming pool represented in the promotion is actually manufactured by a California-based-company Intex Corp which also deals in swimming pools, airbeds and spas.

The striking difference between the two advertisements has left tweeple shocked. People are stunned with such censorship and male guardianship laws in Saudi.

While others went on trolling the nonsensical move by the company:

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Laws in Saudi are quite stringent when it comes to women. They are often prohibited from featuring in advertisements.

But a beach ball? Seriously?!

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