Hyderabad civic body builds 'Wall of Kindness' to help the poor

The GHMC has adopted the initiative of - 'Wall of Kindness', aiming to help the poor.

Do you want to help other, but don’t know how? The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has come up with a unique solution for those who want to make a difference in others’ lives, but don’t know how to go about doing it.

The GHMC has adopted the initiative of – ‘Wall of Kindness’, aiming to help the poor. It is a charity initiative which started in Iran and is now visible in Hyderabad. The initiative helps in providing something useful to the needy and also restoring a faith in humanity.

The municipal corporation joined hands with the residents of Rajendranagar in Hyderabad to kickstart the initiative in the city. The structure has been designed in a manner where the homeless and downtrodden can look for snippets of kindness in the form of old clothes, footwear and blankets donated by the people.

Photo: YouTube Screengrab

Photo: YouTube Screengrab

The move is based on a ‘Take what you need and leave what you don’t need’.

According to an official of the GHMC, “People can leave old clothes, footwear, blankets and other items that can be taken by anyone and no questions will be asked. Anything that you do not need at home, even books for children or even food, can be kept on the wall.”

The wall is covered with a colourful graffiti with nails embedded to hold clothes or bags.


“It has been observed that in most households, old clothes usually pile up in wardrobes for years and then in some cases they are donated to domestic help. However, with this unique initiative, people out on the roads, who actually need these things and have no other option, can get them without having to beg,” said an official, according to Times of India report.

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After the initiative, many people could be seen gathering around the Wall of kindness. “Scores of people came to both the places and left things.Several others took what they wanted,” said a GHMC official.

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